Why you should skin needle to combat aging!

Why you should skin needle to combat aging! Yes, I did mention the word needle, I can see your faces now! A look of horror at the thought of sticking needles in your face. That is usually the expression I get when I mention this treatment. This is think is because years ago they’ve have … Read more

Frustrated with an over complicated skin routine?

Frustrated with an over complicated skin routine?   With me being a Skin Specialist you’d think that I’d have a 20 product skin routine, well you’d be wrong! Like most people I can’t think of anything worse than spending more than 5 mins with my morning and evening routine. Especially in the evening after a … Read more

Why it’s time for a change and how The Skinologist was born.

During lockdown it’s given me loads of time (well apart from home schooling hahaha), to take a step back and look at my business. I’ve looked at my client journey and how I can improve every aspect of the clinic and in doing so I have gone back into why I came into the industry … Read more

Are peels good for Acne?

Are peels good for acne? Well it depends, would be my answer. The most important is to find a skin specialist that understands acne, acids and will proceed slowly without aggression. When you have Acne your skin can be very inflamed and easily irritated, so the last thing needed is to make the condition worse. … Read more

What’s the best anti ageing cream?

What’s the best anti ageing cream? By Fiona Hughes This is the question I get asked a lot. Unfortunately there is not just one cream on the planet that will turn back the clock for everyone!! Sorry! We all have different skin and our skin ages in different ways, but there are some key ingredients … Read more

Skin Goals 2020!

Firstly and most importantly……………….What is the ultimate goal for your Skin? Is it looking younger (probably my most popular goal that I get asked for)! A reduction in pigmentation. A reduction in redness and irritation. Reducing scarring from acne. Improving Acne itself. Or it could be simply to have brighter skin and not need to … Read more

Is your skin breaking out during lockdown?

Lots of you I bet and here’s why! Stress! Just before we all got told to stay at home we were all in panic mode and facing a lot of uncertainty, worrying about food, money, job’s, home schooling and just generally not being able to freely socialise with friends and family. Stress is the biggest … Read more

HIFU The Ultimate Face Lift Without Surgery.

Who wouldn’t like to look younger without going under the Knife! SSSSHHH can you keep a secret? This is the secret the Hollywood  Stars and Cheshire wives would love to keep. No longer are they going under the knife to fight the war against ageing, they are looking to this revolutionary treatment to turn back … Read more

Christmas Stocking

Renew’s Christmas Stocking Vouchers…….. Will be live on December 1st at 12am until December 24th at 11.59pm.   What Voucher’s are available? This year my Christmas voucher’s are slightly different, firstly I’ve only put four packages together and secondly they’ll be available from 1st December until 24th December. But there’s a limit on the number … Read more

VIP Friday

[easingslider id=”443″]   Available for 24hrs from 12 am on 29th November! ONLY 5 OF EACH AVAILABLE. It’s the 29th of November a you want to buy one CLICK HERE!